Dala Rieko

Our core mandate is creating an enabling environment for sharing knowledge and good practice, hence our our footnote word; The place for sharing knowledge and good practice. We exists to identify the community’s strengths and build upon them to create positive long-lasting changes in the community.


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Help To Change aLife Forever

Our Vision

A hunger free, gender sensitive, politically informed and  environmentally concerned community.

Our Mission

Making simple development steps with the people to achieve Global Sustainable development Goals.

Our Causes

Food Security

We employ the use of climate smart Agriculture Practice


Environmental Conservation

Encouraging planting of trees for carbon sequestration.


Education Scholarship

Offering education scholarship to the less fortunate kids.


How it's Going

Registered as SHG


Registered as CBO


Going on strong


We Need Your Support toEase Their Life

As an NGO, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of people in need. However, we cannot do this alone. We rely on the generosity of individuals like you to continue our work and make a difference in the world. Your donations can help us provide food, shelter, education, and healthcare to those who are struggling to make ends meet. Every contribution, no matter how small, can help us achieve our mission of creating a better world for all. Please consider making a donation today and join us in making a positive impact on the world. Thank you for your support.